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Cali Remodels US Privacy Policy

Last Updated: 4/1/2024

Hey there! Thanks for checking out Cali Remodels. Whether you're browsing our site, using our app, or considering our services, we want you to know how we handle your personal details. This policy doesn't apply to our employees or job applicants, just to our customers and visitors.

What Info We Collect and Why

We gather a few bits of info about you:

  • Who You Are: Like your name, email, where you live, phone numbers, and IP address.

  • Your Details: Stuff like your age, if you're married, and your gender.

  • Buying Stuff: What you've bought or looked at, your payment details. For folks wanting to open a franchise, we need to know about your financials.

  • Online Moves: What device you're using, your browsing history on our sites, and how you interact with our sites and ads.

  • Where You Are: Your location info.

  • School and Work: Your education and job info, especially for franchise hopefuls.

  • Chats: Recordings of calls with our customer service to make sure we're doing our job well.

  • What We Guess About You: Based on what we know, we might make some educated guesses.

We've been collecting this kind of info for the past year to help give you a better experience, answer your questions, and offer stuff we think you'll like.

Sharing Your Info

We do not share your information to anyone outside of our company  just flat out we don't share it.

How Long We Keep Your Info

We hang onto your details as long as we need to give you the services you signed up for, and to follow the law.


Where We Get Your Info

Mostly, we get your info straight from you. But we also might get it from other businesses or places that know you.


Keeping Your Info Safe

We try really hard to keep your details safe, but nothing's perfect. If something goes wrong, we're on it, but we can't promise nothing bad will ever happen.


Cookies and Tracking

We use cookies (tiny data files) to make our website work better for you. You can say no to cookies through your browser settings.


Kids' Info

We don't knowingly collect info from kids under 18. This site's for adults.


Changes to This Policy

We might change this policy from time to time. We'll let you know when we do.


eed More Info?

Got questions? Want to access or correct your info? Here's how to reach us:

Cali Remodels 

17 Corporate Plaza Dr. 

Newport Beach, CA 92660

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