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Terms of Use

Cali Remodels Terms of Service Last Updated: 4/2/2024

Hello and welcome to Cali Remodels' website, found at This page is where you'll find the rules (we call them "Terms of Service") and our Privacy Policy at [your Privacy Policy URL] that you need to be aware of because they outline how you should use our site and the services we offer through it. Together, our website and services are what we're calling the "Services."

1. Agreeing to the Rules

By using our Services, you're saying you're okay with these rules. If you're not okay with them, please don't use the Services. If you're using the Services for a company or another legal entity, you're promising us you have the power to agree to these rules on their behalf.

2. Privacy Stuff

Our Privacy Policy explains how we deal with your personal info. Using our Services means you're cool with how we handle this stuff.

HEADS UP ABOUT ARBITRATION: When you agree to these rules, you're also agreeing to settle any arguments or issues through arbitration, not in court. Check out Section 16 called “Sorting Out Disputes” for more on this (like how you can opt-out).

3. Changing the Rules or Services

We might change these rules or our Services now and then. We'll tell you when we do. If you keep using the Services after we post the new rules, it means you agree to them. If you don’t like the new rules, then you’ll need to stop using the Services.

4. Who Can Use the Services

  • Age and Responsibility: You need to be at least 18 and able to agree to these rules to use our Services.

  • Signing Up: Some parts of the Services might require you to sign up. Keep your account info current and safe.


5. Paying Us

If you buy something, you agree to pay us, and we’ll charge the payment method you gave us.


6. If We’re Out of Stock

Sometimes we run out of stuff. If you order something that's not in stock, we'll put it on backorder and send it when we can. Sometimes this might come directly from whoever made it.


7. About the Stuff on Our Site

  • Definitions: "Content" is all the things on our site, like text and pictures. "User Content" is anything you or other users put on the site.

  • Who Owns What: You still own your stuff, but you let us use it on our site. We own everything else or have permission to use it. Don’t mess with copyright notices.


8. Don’t Do Bad Stuff

There’s a long list of don’ts, like don’t steal, don’t break the law, don’t send spam, and don’t spread viruses. Basically, play nice and respect our site and others.


9. Copyright Stuff

We respect copyrights and expect you to do the same. If someone's not playing by the rules, we might have to say goodbye to them.


10. Links to Other Sites

We might link to other sites, but that doesn’t mean we endorse them. You’re on your own if you visit them.


11. When We Might Say Goodbye

We can end your use of the Services at any time, for any reason. There are some rules that will still apply even after you’re gone.


12. No Guarantees

We’re providing the Services “as is” – that means we’re not making any promises about how good they are, whether they’ll work perfectly for you, or anything like that.


13. If Things Go Wrong

If you cause problems, you’ll need to cover our costs.


14. Limiting What We’ll Owe You

We’re not going to be on the hook for a lot of money if something goes wrong. In fact, there’s a cap on how much you could get from us.


15. Legal Stuff

These rules are governed by certain laws. If we have a major disagreement, we agree to sort it out in a specific place under specific laws.


16. Sorting Out Disputes

  • Arbitration: We all agree to settle disputes through arbitration, not in court.

  • Opting Out and Exceptions: There are a few exceptions to this rule, and you can opt-out of arbitration if you really want to.

  • The Details: There’s more info on how arbitration works and who pays for what.


17. The Big Picture

These rules make up our entire agreement with you, cover all the legal bases, and can’t be transferred without our okay.


18. Getting In Touch

If you've got questions about these rules or anything else, here's how you can reach us:

Cali Remodels

17 Corporate Plaza

Newport Beach, CA 92663

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